In the Brighton Fringe Festival of 2008 Anna won the 2.D category of the Visual Arts Prize. 
This is the only award in the Festival that has a cash prize.  Anna won £1,000 for her piece
A Thin Line Between Love and Hate.  She also received an Argus Angel Award for artistic
excellence.  This is the second year of success for Anna.  In 2007 she won 2nd place in
the Visual Arts Prize for her piece Home Sweet Home.


For the last two years  Anna has been apart of  Show Below. An  exhibition that includes 10
artists and runs during the Brighton Fringe Festival.  Show Below has received critical
acclaim and for the last two years artists exhibiting in the show have been awarded with both
the first and second place Visual Arts Prize.  Also in 2008 we took second place in the Argus
Angel Awards for best show in the Fringe.

Anna at the Show Below exhibition.






anna kyriacou